Frank & Muriel Davenport

Found these items tucked away in a folder I must have gotten from dad.  Frank (the first) we never knew because he passed away before our mom and dad ever met.  Muriel (aka Gaga) we all knew at least a little before she ended up moving to California to live with Aunt Lois.  I wonder now how Frank and Muriel met.

Anyway, more to come over the coming months and years as I gather more information and pictures.

Green Pine Lake Pathway – 2017-03-29

Went on my first hike of 2017 (at least on a new trail) at Green Pine Lake Pathway, about 15 miles NW of Clare on M-115.  Only did a small portion of the trail and it was different with no leaves on the trees and a bit tricky with the water hazards in a few areas.  Plus a portion of the trail was being clear cut for the timber.  It was a beautiful day for a hike though with sun and temperatures in the upper forties.

In a one area I had to walk over what looked like a beaver dam and a few other areas I had to find my own route around the water covered areas and get back to the trail.  This looked like it would be beautiful in the fall with the colors.  There are also a lot of other trails that I did not go on, but I am not in quite the condition needed for that long a hike.  Maybe this fall.

Here a just a few pictures:


Monville Side of Family

Slowly gathering more information on ancestors and more recently diving into Faye’s (Monville) side of the family.  I have loads of stuff on my side but practically nothing on Faye’s side.  But I have some I can start to share.  In this post is a picture of Evelyn Monville’s grandparents (Faye’s great grandparents).  Their names are Abram Carvey and Orpha Faye Leland.   Also, here is a link to what I have so far for Faye:  Faye_det_ancestor_report

Evelyn Great Grandparents
Orpha Faye & Abram Carvey
Mo and Evelyn
Evelyn & Morris Monville Wedding
Monville Kids
Barb, Mike, David and Faye