Double Run!

Posted just for posterity sake.  I had a double run in pinochle (single deck) a few years back, which is something my parents said they never had in all their decades of playing pinochle.  It was during a game of three handed pinochle, which has a slightly better odds than with four handed, but it is the least likely of all melds one can get in pinochle.



Grandma Nora recordings

4/30/16 Update – The discs I had were made by David who had the original tapes.  The tapes were old and brittle and broke easily.  He is still trying to get more of the tapes converted to digital.  Thanks David!

Back in 1974, Grandma Jan sat down with Grandma Nora and recording many conversations on cassette tape.  Either Uncle Huddie or Aunt Zoya had them put on 5 CD’s at some point and a while back I got a copy of three of the five disks (couldn’t find the other two).  One of the disks was corrupt, so I have the conversations from two of the disks. They are in multiple files and a lot of fun to listen to.


Disc 3 Track 1 Disc 3 Track 2Disc 3 Track 3Disc 3 Track 4Disc 3 Track 5Disc 3 Track 6Disc 3 Track 7Disc 3 Track 8Disc 3 Track 9Disc 5 Track 1Disck 5 Track 2Disc 5 Track 3Disc 5 Track 4Disc 5 Track 5

Road Trip #3 – Palm Springs

This was not a trip that was for fun.  I flew out Tuesday (4/12 – 36th wedding anniversary!) and David met me out there on Wednesday (4/13)  We spent the week visiting Uncle Huddie in the nursing home and giving Aunt Zoe a break from being there all day every day.  I figured out too late that I did not take any pictures of either of them.

But Palm Springs is beautiful.  Stepping off the plane and you already knew you were not in Bay City anymore.


David and I got a chance to take a tram up to the top of Mount San Jacinto (climbed 6000 feet in 10 minutes) and took a hike at the top.

Saw a road runner and had a German pancake for breakfast at Elmers.

Road Trip #2 – Lexi

Just a couple day trip to Tennessee to pick up my granddaughter Lexi with her dad Stephen.  A stop along the way there and back in Columbus to see Emma, Lia and Chris of course was in order.  Stopped for lunch on the way back and got this great pic of Lexi and her dad.  Going to do some digging into my old photo archives and find a picture of Faye and see how just how much Lexi resembles Faye. Lexi&Dad