2016 Road Trip #4 – Zoe

This was not a planned trip, but special none the less.  On Thursday May 5, Zoe called and said I should get out to Palm Springs right away.  Uncle Huddie was in hospice and not expected to live much longer and I had promised to help Zoe when that time came to get from Palm Springs back to Texas.  By Friday morning I was in Palm Springs and that Saturday night, May 7th, I was alone in the assisted living room with Uncle Huddie when he took his last breath of Palm Spring air.

On Wednesday two of Zoe’s best friends (Mark and Tim) arrived from Texas and by that evening we were in Tuscon Arizona (Marks brother’s  house).  I rode with Zoe and her friends drove the motor home.  On Thursday night we stayed in Roswell New Mexico, but no UFO’s were sighted.  By Friday night May 13th we were back in McKinney Texas.  On Wednesday I headed out for Michigan, with a stop over at Dave and Julies in Illinois, via Route 66, and by Friday evening May 20th I was back home in Michigan.

Here are a few pictures from along the way.  Also, here is a link to Uncle Huddies obituary (hopefully this works):

Uncle Huddie Obituary