Road Trip #1 – Conclusion

My first retirement road trip has concluded after three weeks.  Back to snowy Michigan and my own bed and the company of mom, Jim (and Molly who seemed not to care at all that I was gone).  It will be good to see my church family at South today and enjoy lunch with Mary, Steve and the “girls” as Mary calls them.

Along the way of my first road trip I wrote this little poem at one point.  I will post it here for what it is worth.

Rest Stop

It catches me by surprise
In a random moment
At a rest stop
On a bench

Almost brings tears to my eyes
Tightening of the stomach
No triggering event
Just happens

Starts an urge to think and write
And ponder and pray
The Spirit of God?
I wonder

Then it fades and thoughts take flight
Conditions now interfere
Stopped traffic ahead
Mile marker 309

Road Trip #1 – Governor Dick

Today Brian and I had a great hike through some great trails in an area called “Clarence Schock Memorial Park at Governor Dick”.  We did about 4 miles with lots of climbing, including 66 feet straight up the observation tower.  The whole site is 1100 acres with over 14 miles of trails with numerous boulder climbing areas.  An awesome place for a good hike and heart exercise.

We also stopped at an area near where Brian and Sammy hunt with a rock they call Dinosaur Rock.  The picture I included has “Jaida” spray painted on so it seems Eric and Amy must have already been here.

Tomorrow I head to Ohio and then Saturday back home.  The long journey is coming to an end.


Road trip #1 – 2016.11

Nearing the end of the road trip.  Yesterday traveled from Salem, VA after an overnight stay at Steven’s parents house.  Traveled on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit to visit Mabry Mills.  Unfortunately the mill was closed along with the restaurant I was planning to eat at.  So I found Crooked Oak along the small highway getting back to highway 77.  My kind of restaurant with a few local people.  Had a Carolina burger with fries, in case you were wondering.  Now at Brian and Amy’s with a cold front moving back in.  Oh well, back to reality soon.