A fun euchre type game for 5 people.

Pepper (Card game for 5 players)

  • Play with a pinochle deck (ie; two euchre decks).
  • Euchre rules for play with right and left bowers
  • Deal 9 cards to each player (leaves 3 cards extra)
  • Bid starts at 4 (bid number only, not what trump suit you want)
  • Winner of bid first declares what is trump.
  • Winner of bid then takes the 3 extra cards and discards 3 cards.
  • Winner leads the trump suit and asks for the right bower (usually, or whatever other card of trump suit the winner chooses). The first person who plays it is that person’s partner.
  • Play proceeds with those two people against the other three.
  • If they make their bid then they get what they bid. Nothing extra if you take more than you bid.
  • If they go set, then subtract what they bid.
  • Each person on the opposing team each gets one point for the tricks taken by the team.
  • To go alone, then you must take all 9 tricks and you score 18 points. If you go alone and get set, you lose 18 points.
  • Play is to 50 points.