Hartwick Pines

Made a trip, with Mary Martini, to Hartwick Pines for the first time since I was still in grade school I believe.  There was a big tree that I remember being gigantic, which is now only a stump about 30 feet high, after a wind storm knocked the top half off.

We ended up walking over 7 miles by the end of the day, taking a long hike on the Ausable River trail.  The highlight of the walk was a close encounter with a black bear which unfortunately ran away before we could get a picture (or maybe I should say fortunately).

2 thoughts on “Hartwick Pines

    • fhdiii August 19, 2016 / 8:55 pm

      It was a little muggy with a few mosquito’s after us, but it was great to see all those tall pine trees. Seemed smaller though from when i visited when I was a kid.


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