Road Trip #1 – 2016.8

Yesterday and today were stay at home days basically at Dan and Patti’s.  Did some laundry and did a bike ride with Patti on Monday along with T-bone from the grill and some more Ticket to Ride in the evening.

Tuesday (2/23) I left early and took a hike at Lake Lizzie Nature Preserve, another hike along Lakefront Park in St. Cloud, lunch at Frankie’s Place in St.Cloud and finally a few hours at the Reptile Serpentorium.  A lot of good exercise and watched them extract venom from about 10 different snakes.

Of course it is about 80 degrees again which is much better than the snow storm being predicted now for Bay City.  I hope it melts before I get home.  Not too many good pictures to add, at least none that can out do the Merritt Island pictures.

Tomorrow hopefully I will get to Sebastian Island Inlet Park and visit with Al DeCatur and then Thursday morning start my journey back north again.

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