Road Trip #1 – 2016.3

Spent the day viewingIMG_0530 Tuscaloosa, the Univ. of Alabama and spending time with Emil.  Had a great lunch at Cypress Inn with catfish and Hoppin John rice for a side.

Spent the evening over towards Birmingham meeting with Tom, Michelle, Disney and Nola.  It was great to see them and they are doing just fine.  Nola is such a sweet heart.  The picture at the left shows the results of saying cheeseburger when the picture is snapped.

And best of all, last night as Emil and I were doing our best to remember the year we got to know each other back in 1969/1970 (a harder task then you think at my age now), I was able to share the long version of my testimony of how the Lord drew me to Him and how I was saved.  I had been praying and thinking about that and now I need to pray more for their lives since they are not saved.  No response or questions last night but they listened through my whole story from college days through meeting Faye and then meeting the Lord.

Thank you Lord for that opportunity.

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